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Bank of America (BoA) Assessment Tests & Hiring Process Preparation – 2023

Pre-Employment Tests

This article will help job seekers who are looking at Bank of America for their career future. Included are the facts about the Bank of America hiring process along with preparation tips for candidates at all stages of the process.


What Is Bank of America?

Bank of America is an investment bank and financial services company headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina with locations worldwide. It employs more than 208,000 people who work in a variety of areas such as: administrative work, customer service, accounting, human resources, investment banking, marketing, project management, relationship management, sales, technology, and more.

Employees at Bank of America enjoy a wide range of benefits including, but not limited to:

  • Medical Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Disability
  • Wellness programs
  • Parental Leave

BoA Hiring Process

The Bank of America hiring process varies largely for role and location, but the whole process can take up to 6 months. While this may seem like a very long time, most people report good communication with recruiters during this time and that it often is a shorter time period.

The general recruitment process of BOA candidates include an online application, online assessments, a phone interview, a face to face interview, and assessment centers.


BoA Application Process

The first step to getting a job at Bank of America is to apply online. Before applying for a role, make sure you fit all the requirements asked of you on the job opening such as being a college graduate and having previous years of experience in a related field. These qualifications will differ if you are applying for an internship. If you meet all the requirements for the role, a recruiter will contact you to coordinate the next steps.

Bank of America has some preferences for your resume to help you stand out from the thousands of applicants they receive daily. They suggest customizing your resume to fit the specific job you are applying for by assessing the skills required for the role, and then highlighting the experiences and accomplishments you have that show your proficiency in those skills. They also suggest keeping the resume 1-2 pages in length, using active language, and making it organized and easy to ready. Along with those tips, they prefer the resume to having the following layout:

  • Personal Information
  • Objective
  • Summary of Qualifications and Specialized Skills
  • Significant Work Experience
  • Education/Training
  • Professional Membership and Organizational Affairs

Bank of America Assessments

The assessments you may be asked for will vary by role, but below are the most common online psychometrics and talent assessments for Bank of America:

    • Numerical Reasoning Test
      The numerical test will examine your ability to interpret the data of a table or chart. You will be required to use basic addition and subtraction in this assessment to answer questions within a given time limit. Focus on managing your time as you will have less than a minute to answer each question.
    • Verbal Reasoning Test
      The verbal test will identify if you can comprehend a previously unseen passage and analyze the information in order to answer true/false and other multiple choice questions about the passage correctly.
    • Situational Judgement Test (SJT)
      The SJT test will examine how you handle hypothetical situations in the workplace. Use common sense and your previous experiences to help you succeed. Don’t overthink the questions, but instead read each answer and put what you honestly think the best response is. The test usually takes 20-30 minutes.
    • Logical Reasoning Test
      The logical reasoning exam will assess how you can interpret and find relationships in patterns. The test is looking at how you organize information in order to solve problems. The BOA Logical Reasoning Test consists of 24 questions to be answered in 12 minutes. As this is a short time frame, it is best to practice so you are prepared to take the test for your Bank of America application.
    • Personality Test
      The Bank of America personality test is a questionnaire that focuses mostly on personality in the workplace. It is a three part, multiple choice test that has a total of 45 questions. The three parts are: your characteristics, your attributes in the workplace, and your relationship with others.
    • Aptitude Test
      Depending on the job you are applying for, you may be asked to take a specific skills test that will focus on skills you will need to succeed and will serve as a virtual job tryout. This is true for Bank Tellers, Customer Service Representatives, and Personal Bankers. They will ask about things such as money exchange, call center etiquette, and how to deal with an angry customer.
    • Analyst Assessment
      If you are applying to be a Bank of America analyst, you will be asked to take specific mathematical reasoning tests, verbal reasoning tests, role play exercises, situational judgement tests, and personality tests.


BoA Interviews

The number of interviews a candidate will go through to get a job at Bank of America will vary by role, but most candidates have a phone interview along with a face to face interview. Phone interviews are mainly used as an additional screening process to ensure that the information on a candidate’s resume is correct. Their face-to-face interviews are largely competency based, and will therefore focus primarily on your previous experience along with your personal motivations for the role.


Bank of America Interview Tips

Bank of America gives applicants seven tips to use when preparing for an interview with them:

      • Anticipate – What will the interviewer be most interested in? Why do you think you’ve been invited to interview?
      • Research – What are the primary functions of the line of business you are applying for? What would make you a success in this role? Know the job description for the role you are applying for thoroughly.
      • Assess – What skills, abilities, knowledge, interests, traits, values, and accomplishments should you highlight for this role?
      • Prepare Answers – Think about possible questions for this role and determine the best answers for these questions.
      • Prepare Questions – Prepare thoughtful questions to help show your interest and help you learn more about the job. Don’t ask questions about benefits such as vacation time.
      • Practice – Practice your responses with others so you can speak confidently and clearly when at the interview.
      • Follow-Up – After the interview, send a brief follow-up email to the interviewer thanking them for their time.

Common questions received in Bank of America interviews include:

      • Tell me about your background
        Along with explaining previous work experience while answering this question, it is also a good idea to mention academic interests, extracurricular activities, and hobbies during this time. Also stress skills you have learned while participating in these activities.
      • What is your motivation to work at Bank of America?
        Make sure to be detailed in your answer about what it is about Bank of America that makes you want to work there. Talk about its core values or some projects you are aware of that spike your interest.
      • Why do you want to apply for this particular role?
        This is a good time to mention the core skills required for this position and how these match both your previous experiences and your personal interests.
      • Have you ever been in conflict with a coworker? How did you resolve it?
        Make sure that you give an example and don’t just say that you are a person that’s never had a conflict. A good example would be a time you had a differing opinion with a coworker. Explain the reasoning behind your opinion without coming across as arrogant and without belittling the other person. Make sure to show appreciation and respect to the other person in the conflict. End the story with how you resolved the conflict peacefully and professionally.


Assessment Centers

After a face-to-face interview, you may be asked to come back to complete assessment centers before the hiring process is finished. These assessment centers help Bank of America with the placement procedure to see where you would best fit on their team. Some of the assessment centers you may be asked to complete are:

      • Group Exercise
        This exercise will examine how you work in a team. The assessment consists of solving problems with a team of people while under time pressure. The best way to succeed in this test is to be confident in your ideas while also being able and willing to accept the ideas of others. Speak clearly during the assessment and be careful to not interrupt other team members.
      • Presentation
        For this assessment center, you will be given a set information to present on in a limited amount of time. In order to succeed, make sure that your presentation meets the time limit, have relaxed body language, and know the key facts of the presentation so you can answer questions.
      • Role Play
        For the role play, you will be given 20 minutes to work with a partner and analyze given information. The interviewer will play the role of a Bank of America client and you will need to explain the information to the client in a way that helps solve their issue. Here, they are looking for your negotiation skills, teamwork, and analytical thinking.


How to Pass Bank of America Assessment Tests

The best way to prepare for BOA online assessments are to know the expectations of the role you are applying for, so you can highlight the desired skills. Along with that, make sure to practice the assessments so you are confident and prepared when taking the assessment for Bank of America.

For assessment centers, make sure to show off the key skills they are looking for during the exercises: communication, teamwork, leadership, customer obsession, persuasion, and problem solving.



After you have completed all the steps of the hiring process, the recruiter will reach out to you with an offer for your desired position! If this is the case, you will be asked to complete a pre-employment background check and prove your authorization to work in the country you are applying for.



Overall, Bank of America is a large and diverse company that will attract many applicants and can therefore be quite competitive to become a part of. In order to give yourself the best chance of becoming a part of their team, follow their recruitment tips, highlight your teamwork, and be prepared to show that you are willing to give your all to the job and the company.