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Automotive Industry Psychometric Tests, Assessment Center, Hiring Process & Interviews Online Preparation – 2024

Aptitude Tests Preparation

What Is the Automotive Industry?

For those with mechanical aptitude, and a passion for cars, the automotive industry is a fast-paced ever-changing field that will keep you on your toes. It does not matter if it is automobile design or auto parts engineering and manufacture, there are opportunities for innovation. The shift towards sustainable fuel and more efficient vehicles has opened the door for fresh new ideas. Innovations in car design also require innovations in car parts. As the automotive design industry changes, the companies that manufacture parts will also change, producing new parts for the vehicles of the future, and creating new career paths for those who work in car parts manufacture. From assembly line workers to engineer and design leads, and those who hold corporate positions, there are countless possibilities for job-seekers. Some positions even offer interested employees the chance to relocate. Graduate scheme programs provide entry-level experience to those leaving university. Internships for undergraduates provide a look at how the industry functions and can help you determine if the automotive industry is the right path for you. Some jobs for consideration, if you are curious about the automotive industry, are:

  • Automotive engineers
  • Motor vehicle parts technician
  • Automotive electrician
  • Auto mechanics
  • Machine workers
  • Assembly line workers
  • Customer service
  • Finance
  • Sales
  • Research and development


What Is the Hiring Process in Automotive Companies?


You will find applications for automotive companies on their websites. Most websites are set up intuitively, so you are able to search job openings by position or location. If you find a job that interests you, and that you meet the qualifications for you will need to create a profile and submit a CV and cover letter. The profile will allow you to save your information so you can go back and apply for other positions and be alerted if any jobs that match your experience become available. Be sure your cover letter highlights your experience and is eye-catching. If you were referred by a current employee, there is a section where this can be noted. The application itself has the standard questions concerning your work history, educational background, and qualifications. There may also be some sections that go more in-depth and require extended answers. The specific questions will vary based on the job you are applying for.


Auto Companies Psychometric Tests

The competitive nature of the automotive industry means that they are flooded with applications. To make the selection process easier automotive companies will have qualified applicants take a series of online assessment tests. These tests will help build profiles of the prospective employees and determine which applicants should be moved forward in the hiring process. There is a wide range of jobs that require assessment tests, so the specific tests will vary. Tests that are given to job-seekers often include, but may not be limited to:

  • Personality Assessment These psychometric tests are given to start to develop a picture of the prospective employee’s main personality traits. These tests either have you pick the words that best describe you or pick how you would respond in a given situation.
  • Situational Judgment Test (SJT) Companies want an idea of how prospective employees will handle different situations that can occur on the job. Situational judgment tests consist of job-related scenarios that test-takers will need to pick their likely response to from the options provided.
  • Numerical Reasoning Exam This test will measure your aptitude with numerical functions to ensure your ability to interpret numerical data is up to the company standards. This is a multiple-choice test that is usually timed.
  • Verbal Reasoning Test This will gauge your reading comprehension, and your ability to follow written and verbal directions. You will be given several short paragraphs to read and will answer questions based on the information they contain.
  • Mechanical Aptitude Tests To demonstrate you have the necessary mechanical knowledge, you will need to take this test. It contains questions about basic mechanics, interpreting mechanical diagrams, and deciding the best course of action to make different systems work.
  • Logical Reasoning Test This test is used to see how well you can use limited information to develop a reasonable conclusion. These tests usually consist of patterns or sequences that you will need to complete. This test is multiple-choice and is generally timed.



The specific interview process may vary by job, and also by the company. In general, the interview process starts with a telephone screening. Telephone screenings are used to help get more details about an applicant’s background and qualifications. They are also used as a tool by the hiring team to gauge the enthusiasm the candidate has for the position. Telephone interviews are a great opportunity to find out more about the company and ask questions you may have about the job. This will help demonstrate to the hiring team that you are truly interested in working for them. The next step will be the in-person interview. This may be a mixture of technical, and behavioral. The interviewer will ask questions relating to job performance, and job-related skills. When answering behavioral questions keep the STAR method in mind. The situation, task, action, result, method of answering interview questions, will give the interviewers insight into your working style, and how you handle challenging situations. Some questions that are common during interviews are:

  • Have you ever had to lead a team? What was your favorite part of the experience? What would you do differently?
  • What attracted you to our company? How do you think you can benefit the company?
  • What are some weaknesses you have? How do you overcome those?
  • Have you ever had to solve a challenging problem? How were you able to solve it?
  • Do you feel comfortable asking other people for help?


Assessment Center

Many automotive companies have their applicants attend assessment centers. This is a chance for applicants to meet members of the management and hiring teams. Assessment centers consist of group activities that allow the hiring team to see how well job candidates perform as part of a team. The details of the assessment centers will vary by company. You may be required to retake assessment tests that you have already taken, to make sure your scores stay consistent. There are some activities that are common to most companies.

  • Group Exercises – These will vary by company. You may be asked to give a group presentation or hold a panel discussion while role-playing the position you are under consideration for. The hiring team will be watching to see how well people work as a team. They will watch to see who has leadership qualities and is capable of delegating and listening, and who is capable of encouraging others to participate and contribute.
  • In-Tray Exercise – You may be presented with a situation for which you need to find a solution. You will then be asked to write a report describing actions that should be taken, possible costs, and the desired outcome.
  • Presentation – Some companies ask that you prepare an individual presentation before attending the assessment Center. You may instead be asked to prepare a presentation on the day of the assessment Center. The company will let you know the details prior to your attendance.
  • Panel Interview – You may be given a final interview on the day of the assessment Center. This interview is usually made up of several members of the team you are hoping to work with. They will take turns asking questions to see how well you will fit into the team dynamic.


How to Prepare for Automotive Companies’ Tests?

Your performance on the online assessment test will determine if you are able to continue past the initial stages of the hiring process. Take time to study for the online assessment tests so you can make sure you stand out from the start. Learn about the job description so you have an idea of what you can expect to be tested on. Knowledge of the company you are applying with and what they expect from their employees can also help you prepare for the online assessments. Reinforce your hard skills before testing. Practice your mathematical skills and reading comprehension. You can do this by doing crosswords and logic puzzles, as well as using online resources

Take the tests in an environment that will allow you to concentrate. You do not want distractions causing you to make mistakes. If you suffer from test anxiety, find a way to hide the timer on any timed tests, and do not focus too much on any one question. If you find yourself stuck, move on to the next question, and do not allow it to discourage you. A little time spent practicing for the tests will give you the boost you need to pass the tests, and secure a job offer.


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