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Alberta Apprenticeship Exam Online Preparation & Free Practice Questions – 2024

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If your career goals are pointing you toward a trade you first need to complete an apprenticeship program to hone the necessary skills. Before you can be accepted into an apprenticeship or technical program, you need to prove that you have the educational background to successfully participate in the program.

If you don’t have transcripts or did not receive your high school diploma, you can still join an apprenticeship program. You can prove you have the necessary general knowledge by completing the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Test, also known as the AIT.


What Is The AIT?

The AIT is an exam that tests apprenticeship program applicants in 3 areas of knowledge. These areas are Mathematics, English Reading and Comprehension, and Science. Since there are so many careers that fall within the trade and technical category there are 5 versions of the AIT.

Test takers are divided into 5 clusters. These clusters are determined by trade, with trades that need similar educational backgrounds grouped within the same cluster. The difficulty of the exam is different for each cluster, with Cluster 5 having the most difficult requirements, and Cluster 1 the easiest.

Here is an example of the way trades are divided into clusters. If you don’t see yours listed, don’t worry, you will be informed of the cluster you will be in when you contact the Alberta Apprenticeship and Training Office.

  1. Cluster 1- Hairstylist, Barber, Construction, Craft Laborer
  2. Cluster 2- Welder, Baker, Locksmith, Roofer, Concrete Finisher
  3. Cluster 3- Agricultural Technician, Motorcycle Mechanic, Auto Body Technician
  4. Cluster 4- Steamfitter, Millwright, Elevator Technician, Plumber, Gas Fitter
  5. Cluster 5- Electrician, Refrigeration and Cooling Technician, Appliance Service Technician


What To Expect On The AIT Exam?

No matter which cluster you are in, the AIT is a timed, multiple-choice exam. The test has 100 questions. The number of questions per section is different for each testing cluster. You have 3 hours to complete the test. To pass you must achieve a score of at least 70%. A passing score will also be accepted in the Yukon, Northwest, and Nunavut territories, and tests taken in these areas are also accepted in Alberta.

You will be provided with a calculator and a calculator sheet to aid in the mathematics portion of the test. You are not allowed to use your own calculator, to maintain the integrity of the exam. This is a paper and pencil test, and a pencil and answer sheet will also be provided.


The test questions are divided like this for each cluster:

English Mathematics Science Total
1 10 30 60 100
2 22 50 28 100
3 29 36 35 100
4 22 33 45 100
5 17 48 35 100


If you are uncertain about an answer, it’s best just to guess. If the answer is wrong you will simply have missed the question. There are no additional penalties for wrong answers.

Mathematics Questions Questions on the mathematics portion of the exam range from simple calculations to working with formulas. If you are in a test cluster that will be using conversions and formulas, these will be provided in the test booklet.


AIT Mathematics Example Question:

What is  .25 written as a fraction?

  1. ½
  2. ¼



English Questions The English exam requires you to recall details of the text, make inferences based on the information you were given,  use correct grammar, and possibly recognize incorrect spelling. Cluster 1 has a stronger focus on grammar usage than other clusters, and will have both reading and grammar questions on the exam.


AIT English Sample Question:

When preparing a chicken coop for chickens several things need to be kept in mind. One is the type of bedding provided. The bedding you use is important since it can have effects on your chickens’ health.  Pine shavings and Aspen shavings keep the smell down in the coop between cleanings and are easily compostable. Straw can be a good alternative bedding, but it can mold more quickly than wood shavings and is not as absorbent. Some woods, like Cedar, should be avoided. Cedar shavings can cause irritation in your chickens’ lungs due to the natural oils released by the wood. Frequent lung irritation can lead to poor quality of life for your chicken. Change the bedding if you begin to smell ammonia. This is a sign it is no longer absorbent, and in addition to mold moist bedding can cause conditions like bumblefoot due to a proliferation of bacteria.


Why are Cedar shavings not recommended as bedding in a chicken coop?

  1. They mold quickly
  2. They can cause lung irritation
  3. They stain your chickens red
  4. Your chickens may ingest them


Science Questions – This may require conversion from imperial to metric, working with equations, and understanding the scientific relationships between certain objects. Like every portion of the test, the questions are targeted for specific test clusters, so there will be variations in the questions that are on the test.


How to Prepare for the Alberta Apprenticeship Practice Exams?

It is extremely important that you score well on this exam so you can gain entrance to your apprenticeship program. Studying in the days leading up to the exam is necessary. Focusing your attention on the areas you know you are weakest in will keep you from getting overwhelmed.

You will be provided with a study guide. The study guide is helpful in identifying the types of questions you can expect for your test cluster. If the sample questions seem difficult, then you know these are areas you should focus on.

Mathematics is an area many people feel weak in. Do practice problems, study conversion so you don’t have to keep flipping to the conversion charts, and if necessary find your old study materials and use them as a guide to help you.

Reading comprehension practice can be as simple as writing out some questions about a magazine article or non-fiction book ahead of time, and then answering them after you have read the text. Just sitting and reading for about half an hour a day can help you improve, and crosswords and word puzzles are good tools for spelling recognition.

Finally, make certain your basic science knowledge is on point. This is another area in which your old study materials may help you. You can find resources for students online or at the library to help you recall the science knowledge you may have lost since leaving school.

If you still feel unprepared, there are courses available in area schools that can help you prepare to write the test. Use all the resources at your disposal to prepare for the AIT so you can get your career started.